LME:LEARN - Large Marine Ecosystems

Science-To-Governance Events

Science-to-Governance events are meant to improve the integration of ocean governance, and in particular the integration of the LME and EAF approach into regional seas management and the TDA to SAP to Convention pathway. They favor the translation of regional agreements into national implementation. Science-to-Governance workshops offer a space for improved analysis and use of scientific knowledge (relying on monitoring and assessments) towards proactive Adaptive Management.

The conference and workshop proceedings as well as potential agreements (sets of recommendations) are disseminated while the global GEF LME-ICM-MPA-RS-Fisheries-ABNJ science community network is strengthened.

Such events also constitute a great opportunity to ensure analytical and policy coherence at a large scale by linking LMEs and Ocean Governance challenges to the Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the commitments taken at the New York conference.