LME:LEARN - Large Marine Ecosystems


Training materials are developed and meant to complement the available Toolkits and Governance Handbook. 

In pursuit of its global and regional objectives, LME: LEARN seeks to strengthen global governance of large marine ecosystems and their coasts through enhanced sharing and application of LME/ICM/MPA/MPS knowledge and information tools. The LME:LEARN program has as one of its primary activities, the organization of training sessions for GEF LME/ICM/MPA projects in three GEF regions: Latin America & the Caribbean, Asia & the Pacific and Africa. In each region, the project is partnered with an anchor institution to deliver these sessions.

The building of capacities is done through improved knowledge-management including the strengthening of networks and communities-of-practice.

LME:LEARN has developed training modules along the 5 LME-modules of spatial and temporal indicators of ecosystem (i) productivity, (ii) fish and fisheries, (iii) pollution and ecosystem health, (iv) socioeconomics and (v) governance.

Training sessions thus include coastal and marine risk and vulnerability mapping from climatic and non-climatic factors, and Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology Development (RiVAMP).